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The Ohmic technology is the fastest technology to heat food containing particulate, yet preserving the integrity and the physical & organoleptic characteristics of your product.

Ohmic heating is a “volumetric” heating technology; heat is generated inside the product rather than being conducted in from the outside


This means that the benefit is that there are no hot surfaces in contact with the product.


ALCOS together with the support of a leading company in this technology (OHM-E Technology) has developed an own system of Ohmic heater which permits better efficiency, with less electric consumption, an high level of quality of products and better performances of production compare to traditional heaters available on the market.

– The heating power applicators are made of special plastic polymers and are FDA-approved; they are resistant to pressure (up to 15 bar.) and have excellent insulating and non-stick properties (to minimize dirt caused by specific foodstuff).


– It is extremely versatile as it heats any type of food.


– In the event of a mechanical fault, voltage is cut off to guarantee an high level of safety for the operator, the electrical equipment and avoid product damage


– The constant monitoring of the feeding ensuring optimized management of energy consumption and setting of the heating temperature (up to 180 °C.)


– The management system by PLC has been designed to set, edit and control the operating parameters (functioning) in a easy use and intuitive manner.


– The heater is supplied with an automatic system that switches voltage when the product conductivity changes.

All parts in contact with the product have been made with FDA-approved plastic polymers and stainless steel AISI 316.

Product to be treated:

Fruit & vegetables (whole, diced & purees, juices) as ;


– Tomato, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Mango and others tropical fruits


– Soft fruit as berries and red fruits.


– Orange juices with & without sacs, Vegetables juices with & without particles,


– Soups and sauces (with pieces inside).

But also:


– Ready meals,


– Base for ice-creams and dairy products.

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